the photo shoot

Are you camera ready?

This award winning photo booth is sure to be a hit at your event.  The Photo Shoot puts you in front of a professional photographer who leads you through an interactive photo-shoot while offering tips on how to “Strike a Pose”. Your photographer gives you a steady stream of positive reinforcement to get into the action and let it rip! Your photographer’s guidance and encouragement are accompanied by a pulse-pounding sound track, flashing light show, and a powerful fan that’ll blow back your hair for that professional photo-shoot experience.

choose your photographer

Select a photographer and prepare to be entertained in your very own Photo Shoot !  Austin will have guests laughing and smiling while Fabreeze will entertain your guests with his high energy!  Work it!

Choose from over 10 unique on-screen photographers and let the fun begin in the ultimate photo shoot experience.  It’s amazing!

customize the photo shoot

With our proprietary software, clients have the ability to customize they’re very own photo shoot.  Imagine the guest of honor playing the role of photographer or a company CEO or mascot to increase the brand experience.  Call us today to learn more 


on-site sharing station

Keep the party going online with an on-site photo sharing station. Sharing stations allow guests to instantly email, text or share digital copies of their photos with all of their online friends.

photo shoot rental package

Includes up to 4 hours of
coverage, along with the following:

Booth Host/Hostess
Open Air Photo Kiosk
Stretch Fabric Backdrop
Custom Print Design
Unlimited 2×6 or 4×6 Prints
Dropbox Link to All Images
Free Photo Downloads

Available Options

Additional Hours


Large print size 6x8 or 8x10

Animated GIF

Custom Backdrop

Custom Props