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Road Trip

Introducing another world’s first, the Road Trip! This 2-row multi-level photo booth is perfect for group outings at family entertainment centers, amusement parks, bowling alleys and large venues. Take a seat and listen to your driver as he zooms through your experience while taking your photos along the way. It’s not just a photo booth it’s an adventure with a 40-inch display, surround sound, wind machine, LED accents and even cup holders for your drinks. Seat back and enjoy the ride!

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Suggested Venues

Family Entertainment Centers | Amusement Parks | Tourist Locations | Trampoline Parks | Museums, Zoos & Aquariums

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Fits large groups
Cash, Credit and Cashless swipe available
Canon SLR
DNP RX1 Printer – High Quality Dye Sub Prints
350 Print Capacity / .28 cents per vend
Logitech Surround Sound System
Photo Studio Quality Lighting
Wind Machine
Video Attract Mode Feature
46” LCD Screen
LED Accents
Custom Vinyl Wrap Options
6 Cup Holders
24/7 Tech Support
Custom Video Experiences Available
Social Media Sharing via Boothshare App

Road Trip Features
Road Trip Specs


Power: 110v
Dimensions: L 102" L x 82" W 81" H
Weight: 900 lbs


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