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About Purchasing Superbooths

Whether you’re a Family Entertainment Center or a Mobile Event company, Super Booths has the perfect photo booth to fit your needs. With hundreds of models in top markets and placement in popular chains, we are a nationally recognized brand. Our beautifully designed products stand out from the competition. All machines have multiple branding opportunities. Offering large to small footprints our photo booths have a proven track record of providing rapid R.O.I.

All our of models are equipped with SSD Computers, Canon DSLR cameras, DNP RX-1 printers, surround sound systems, studio lighting, HD monitors and social media/email sharing capabilities. The cabinets we design are robust, road tested and vandal proof. When you purchase a machine all equipment, parts and service are covered under warranty, along with the peace of mind that we provide 24/7 tech support. To learn more contact one of our expert sales representatives today.

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